Kioko The Otaku

Hello, I'm Genesha. Call me Kioko if you wish.

21 years old and live in Florida. I'm in my third year of college.

Mostly Yu Yu Hakusho, Loveless, other anime and geeky things, The Little Mermaid /mermaids, NSFW, personal text posts, and stuffs.

Ask me questions!!!


I have a great urge to write a few thank you letters. I feel that if i do ill cry a shit ton. Just thinking about it now makes me all misty eyed.

I wish I was better at communicating with people so I can be better friends with them.


Three years.
did-you-kno: lets you enter whatever ingredients you have in your fridge and tells you what you can make with them. Source


Big Daddy and Little Sister <3 (Bioshock)(Edit) 100 notes? Thanks guys! <3(Edit2)200 NOTES!? GUYS~<3<3

So I took this photo while I was in Rome, Italy this past January. Definitely the best photo I’ve taken in my entire life.