Kioko The Otaku

Hello, I'm Genesha. Call me Kioko if you wish.

21 years old and live in Florida. I'm in my third year of college.

Mostly Yu Yu Hakusho, Loveless, other anime and geeky things, The Little Mermaid /mermaids, NSFW, personal text posts, and stuffs.

Ask me questions!!!



Clear your mind here

Someone text me so i wont feel so lonely. 4074084554
Im a really bad texter though

Im lonely. I need friends. Im basically banned from hanging out with so called friends from work. They never liked or considered me a friend anyway…



This is amazing! I love the Future Industries mug.

Finished watching book 3 of LOK… T^T

When your period is about to start and you sleep all day and night…

Earlier today.kioko