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Hello, I'm Genesha. Call me Kioko if you wish.

21 years old and live in Florida. I'm in my third year of college.

Mostly Yu Yu Hakusho, Loveless, other anime and geeky things, The Little Mermaid /mermaids, NSFW, personal text posts, and stuffs.

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I just had a dream that I was a new super strong vampire and were were in some abandoned houses/ruins in the, what seemed like, country side and we were fighting other vamps. I think it was either Jeremy Renner, Rob Patt or Johnny Depp that was the one that I was with that was helping me out and explaining stuff to me. I saw some ritual that the fancy vamps had and they killed this woman and drank her blood and there was this creepy little girl that had a huge ass forehead. Then the vmaps teamed up and fought the humans. Samuel L Jackson was the leader for the humans so of course they they had a shit load of gadgets and bombs. Then the humans and vamps teamed up to fight against these 3 things, idk what they were one of then killed a girl and and two of them ended up taking the form of that girl. They werent vamps or humans. They only sent three of us out to fight them even though they were very strong, and I was one of the ones to go fight. Then when I was on patrol I met 4 traveling Hispanic vamps and they were playing soccer so I joined them in a game and kept flirting and making sex jokes saying their moves were going to make me wet… Then I took them back to base to recruit them and then one of the three things we had to kill showed up, it was a little kid, and started shooting at me and I ended up killing him. Then at base the other two were like shadows and had faces like the Cheshire cat and I was the only one that could see them and so i fought them and the fight went no where so I woke up out of frustration.