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Hello, I'm Genesha. Call me Kioko if you wish.

21 years old and live in Florida. I'm in my third year of college.

Mostly Yu Yu Hakusho, Loveless, other anime and geeky things, The Little Mermaid /mermaids, NSFW, personal text posts, and stuffs.

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WOOOOH I PASSED ENGLISH II WITH A C!!!! I was so scared that I might have to retake it because I didnt do one of the 3 core assignments. T^T XD

Need to:

  • Watch the movie for my cinema assignment twice.
  • Do my Gen Psychology test.
  • And do both math final reviews. 

Hopefully I wont procrastinate. 


Ill do the citation page when i get to school.

Yes!!! One more page to write and have to make the citation page and i’ll be done!!! 

Absolutely no sleep. Still not done with my paper. Had over a month to do it and I started it yesterday. Fuck yeah procrastination! @_@

I finally settled on Tragic Magic by Falling In Reverse. Though I am having a bit of a hard time trying to think of ways to show how the word choice creates meaning bleh bleh bleh. I’m way better at explaining how the music itself and the tone its sung in helps create meaning. Either way there is going to be a lot of BS in this paper.

Also does anyone know a trusted site with the lyrics, not a fan made database. I don’t mean like the first 5 sites that popup when you google it. Because I looked at the first 5 sites and THEY ALL have different lyrics for the same one line. And it makes all the difference, that one line. ?

I think I’m going to do my explication on The Westerner by Falling in Reverse. Maybe. I still have a month to choose a poem or song.

And my math teacher is elderly and totally bubbly and all over the place. 

English 2 I have the same teacher from eng1 and of course he is a cool dude. 

European History the teacher is totally cool, but talks fast.

So far I like them. Hopefully I will stay motivated to stay on top of everything.

Last day of work for the summer~ Yay!
Oh, I also got an A on my research paper~ :3

:D Yay for procrastination!!!!!

@_@ Now I just want to sleep. But I cant I have to write my LAST PAPER FOR ENGLISH 1 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Now all I have to do is stop procrastinating…

So for my last english paper I have to take a word or phrase and describe it by denotation and (mostly) connotation.  But I cant figure out what word or phrase to use. I want it to be pertaining to anime. I thought about Otaku, Dattebayo, and Forever Fornever. But I can’t decide. So anyone want to give me suggestions?

Need to write 3more pages and find 5 more references for tomorrow. @_@ This will be hard… But something is better than nothing. C: And my professor already knows my topic is a hard one to find sources on. I just have to make up crap!

What the hell am I doing? I shouldn’t be procrastinating!! I need to write 3 pages on a really hard topic!!! X_X