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Hello, I'm Genesha. Call me Kioko if you wish.

21 years old and live in Florida. I'm in my third year of college.

Mostly Yu Yu Hakusho, Loveless, other anime and geeky things, The Little Mermaid /mermaids, NSFW, personal text posts, and stuffs.

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Im lonely. I need friends. Im basically banned from hanging out with so called friends from work. They never liked or considered me a friend anyway…

Good to know my best friend is a sweet heart while drunk texting.
I sarcastically said that I was sleeping and she got a sad, apologized, and wished me good night. Lol

Maleeka meeting me in front of my neighborhood to walk to kristals.

Her: You need to pick up you could have had a great day!

Me:My day was perfect.

Her: Would have been better.

Me:You cant make perfect better. And whatever you did would have prob ruined the perfection.

Her: Any who did you see someone special? Like that Asian boy you love?

Me:I dont need to see someone special to have a perfect day.

Her: I didnt say you did. Im asking what you did that made it perfect.

Me:You. Just. Assumed. I. Did. But, no I didnt see anyone. It was a very peaceful day with no worries.

Her: Sounds boring to me. No drugs no boys = no fun.

This has to be the most shallow thing I have ever heard any of my friends say.

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Guess who forgot about the wedding!? Yepp I did. Though there was no way for me to get there anyway.

I’m kinda glad I didn’t go. I can’t even call our friendship a real friendship anymore. What friend ignores you and only contacts you when they are in trouble? 

My best friend asked his girl to marry him over the weekend. I’m so so happy for him. She makes him a better person and truly loves and respects him. Congrats Fran and Neshia. 

I need new friends irl.

Dear God I fee like shit. Why do dreams have to fuck with your mind and make you be on the verge of crying? I know none of this would happen, but if for some strange reason, it doesn’t have to involve the same people, but if something similar happens I’m going to go fucking insane. I won’t give a shit. I’ll punch first, talk/cry later.

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Vanessas little brother at my campus and taking over the couch

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To hang with Fran and others before he gets shipped out for Navy boot camp.

Oh shit. Ughhh. I feel so nervous even though I shouldn’t be. And One thing I worry about the most is my friend who should be my ride on Mon and Weds. Sometimes she just doesn’t like going to class so hopefully I can kick her butt enough to make her go all the time. Oh and working, I havent talked about getting my job back in the tutoring center. I really don’t want to work there anymore, but I want moola.